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Digital Dynamic Studios, LTD was founded under a sister company in January 1990. Originating as a custom applications database programming group, the company evolved into more of a technology provider, partnering with small to medium sized client companies. During this era, several significant database systems were developed and implemented, including some client/server SQL scalable systems. Around 1997, Richard Taylor joined the company full-time and designed/built an Audio Recording Facility in Depot Town, Ypsilanti, Michigan. Renovations of an old turn of the 20th century carriage house transformed into a state of the art sound proofed, creative and very comfortable digital audio recording environment. The company than began doing business as DDS and managing recording sessions with local artists. The studio soon added video and multimedia production capability to its services lineup.

In February 2002, DDS split from its sister company and incorporated into its own separate identity. The studio upgraded its digital recording technology and produced many exceptional products. Due to the national economic down turn in late 2007, DDS regrouped and changed business direction phasing out the audio recording operations of the studio to focus on computer technology, as well as adding a website development and website hosting division called: 'DDS Hosting, LTD'.

Today, DDS has amassed a great team of highly motivated professionals with an unusual array of complementary skills, that truly separates us from our contemporaries. If you're looking for fast and innovative solutions to your complex technical problems; let DDS demonstrate how cost effective solutions can be implemented. Call DDS today at (734) 480-1301, to speak with one of our Technical Professionals to arrange a free in-house consultation and meet with you to personally assess your specific business' prioritiezed needs. Once identified, we can then provide you with professionally prepared quotations providing specific recommendations for your business. We look forward to the opportunity to successfully partner with you.

Our Team

DDS has a great team of professionals who are highly dedicated to providing the best services possible. Their personal endeavors focus on archiving solution driven results for our clients. Our long-term clients speak to our teams skillful abilities in assessing complex technical problems in an innovative and cost competitive manner.

Richard Taylor

As company President, Rick brings more than 30 years of PC and MAC experience to our team. His initial work at The U of M in Ann Arbor, involved computer lab work with the original IBM PC and Apple Lisa/Classic MAC (circa 1981); as well as UNIX. As an industry leader, Rick's problem solving abilities are unmatched.

Rosemari Taylor

Rose is our VP of Marketing for all corporate activities. She administers various special sales promotion projects like are extremely popular 'Project Finders Fee' incentives program. She also helps out with our daily office operation and deals with accounting issues that arise.

Kimberly Otto

Accounting Management is Kim's specialty. She assists in all office administration functions, records management, archives, security, as well as overseeing both Accounts Receivables and Payables for all corporate accounts. She is extremely well versed in all corporate policies, procedures and systems.

Ken Chamberlain

When it's really technical, Ken is the guy you want fixing your system's problems. With over 30 years working in the industry, Ken is certified as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE); Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA); and an Oracal Certified Professional (OCP). A support professional of Ken's caliber is truly rare and we're happy to have him on our team.

Alexander Fisher

When it's comes to trouble shooting a new technical issue, Alex is the guy you want researching your system's problems. A recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University in the cyber forensic industry, Alex enjoys investigating methods hackers use to breach system securty, impose virus' and malware. A support professional dedicated to solving all kinds of security issues.

Sonny Fowowe

Custom Photography and Videography is Sonny's forte. His expertise goes beyond professionalism and technology to embrace true creativity through the next level of innovation with an edgy realism. If your looking for something fresh and unique that really pops, you've come to the right place. Sonny is the man for all your Photography and Video needs.

Falon Taylor

Falon's expertise begins with an eye for realism through insightful color with embedded textures. She skillfully induces an unusual viewer felt emotion in her creative work. When your job calls for that special eye catching attention, Falon is the one to bring it to the table. Whether its a website design or product promo, Falon can assist you in making it happen.


"DDS is an excellent company to work with. They have been handling our company's IT issues for over 20 years and continue to do an outstanding job for us. Thank you DDS for your consistent support."

"After my son died from drinking and driving - DDS helped me develop a wonderful website to help me get the message out to others in simular situations. The site was just what I needed. Thank you DDS for all your hard work."

Sheila Cunningham, Larry Cunningham Story

"After my system got a virus and crashed, I thought I had lost everything. But thanks to DDS, they were able to recover all my personal data and restore my system - virus free. I highly recommend DDS!"

services list

Digital Dynamic Studios, LTD provides a wide range of related services for our clients. The most popular being technology related support and device integration services for local area networking and Internet connectivity. Our fastest growing services are in the website design and hosting area. In particular, our off-site data archiving service has recently started to gained notable popularity.

Technology Support
DELL PartnerDirect Sales, Server/Desktop Integration, Networking Expertise, All Device - WiFi Support, Secured Remote Access, IT Outsourcing Support, Windows Support, and MAC Support.
Website Design
Business/Corporate, Flash Face Lifts, Weddings, Personal, and Product Promotionals.
Website Hosting
Competitive Annual Rates, Large Email Boxes, Excellent Spam Filtering, Web-Based Emails, Streaming Video & Audio, and Off-Site Data Archiving.
Video for Web
Sales Demos, Promotions, Commercials, Training, Multi-Media Transfers, and Weddings upon request.
Audio for Web
CD Productions, Commercials/Jingles, Advertisements on Hold (for integrative use with telephone systems), Audio Repair/Restoration, and PC/MAC File Format Conversions.
Corporate Events, Special Events, Photo Conversions, and Personal Memorials.
Graphic Design
Business Cards & Stationary, Corporate IDs & Logos, Brochures/Sell Sheets, Postcard/Mailing Promotionals, CD/DVD Packaging, and Large Format Posters.
Realtime Interment Program - RIP©
RIP© is a fully customizable Cemetery Management Computer Database System.

featured services

Quickbooks Pro 2020

Quickbooks Pro 2020 or Enterprise Solutions 2020 are very popular accounting applications for a lot of our clients. No matter what your business does, there's an excellent chance that Quickbooks has a customizable solution for your business.

Realtime Interment Program - RIP©

RIP© is a fully customizable Cemetery Management Computer Database System designed to handle section/lot/space management for interred, at need or pre-need lot sales, perpetual care, floral and winter blanket decorations for all types of cemetery clients. The system is scaleable to any size cemetery facility. Powerful management software at an extremely affordable price.

Off-Site Data Archiving

This service is becoming extremely popular and essential to busy individuals and businesses alike. Maintaining an off-site archive backup of your critical accounting and business data could make the difference in the event of a crippling virus or other physical disaster like a fire or storm. The computer is easy enough to replace but your critical business data may not be. Our secured servers offer a safe and easy way to manage your critical business data in a convenient archive format. If and when you require file(s) to be recovered simply give us a call. You will be surprised at how convenient and affordable this service is.

exclusive promotion

Project Finder Fee Program

The Project Finder Fee Program is a new promotion sponsored through DDS where individuals have the opportunity to make money by personally promoting DDS Services. Anyone can participate by simply completing the PFF Form and registering. Each individual will receive an official DDS Certificate of Acceptance with a unique ID CODE number for tracking purposes. All participants are required to complete a W-9 Form for tax purposes and will be considered as a 1099 Contractor.

PFF Program - Promotional Post Cards

Each PFF Program Participant will be issues several Promotional Post Cards to distribute bearing their unique ID CODE number. For every new client that successfully completes a project with DDS, a 10% Finders Fee will be issued to the successful individual who initiated the project, based on the total profit generated from all qualified services performed and completed.

These Post Cards are suitable for mailing or simply handing out in person. Depending on the size and scope of an individual project, one could potentially make a lot of money. Not a bad deal for simply handing out a card.

Solutions Showcase

NGSG - Brochure and Video Promo
Full color 6 panel brochure and 3 minute video promotion featuring all four related companies.
RPS - Accounting System
CPA accounting system implementation for general PC firm with online tax preparation and government submittals.
50th Anniversary Photo Shoot
Custom photo and music historical montage demonstration at 50th Anniversary dinner event with photo shoot.
USL - Corporate Video Promo
Corporate sales video promotion in a small and unique business card style, cut 3-inch CD-ROM Disc format.
NGE - Off Site Data Archives
Critical records backup and archived on DDS' remote servers for enhanced security and accessibility.
21st Century - Corporate Website
Custom corporate website promoting multi-company integration for demolition general contractor and environmental firm.
VRSI - Windows Server Implementation
Windows Server integration with fully secured VPN access for over 30 field technicians and general operations.
JF - Operational Database
Custom database management system for specialty foods marketer, to manage warehouse inventory, distribution, shipping and sales.

featured solutions

City Environmental - ATRACS System
Environmental regulatory database system designed to manage a waste treatment facility.
EKS - Ads On Hold
A set of audio advertisements focused on specific services offered by the business.
HTIS - Polyurea Promo
Promotional brochure and video describing coatings application uses and benefits.
Cemetery Management - RIP© System
Real-time Interment Program© provides customizable cemetery facility management.

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Environmental regulatory database system designed to manage a waste treatment facility.
DDS - Ads On Hold
A set of audio advertisements focused on specific services offered by the business.
DDS - Polyurea Promo
Promotional brochure and video describing coatings application uses and benifits.
DDS - RIP© System
Realtime Interment Program provides customizable cemetery facility management.


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